Why did I choose football?

Well,it’s been long since I have posted on this blog.It has been precisely ten months since I last posted a piece .So rather than getting right into posting new content I’ll talk about something personal

Why did I choose Football…?


So,I started following the game not too long ago.It was about seven or eight  years back I started getting glued to the Television set watching International football(I didn’t know about club football much).interestingly during that time a played cricked for a club but honestly I wasn’t a great player at all.As a grew up I started watching football games and found a liking for a club known as  Manchester United,names like Wayne Rooney,Cristiano Ronaldo ,Louis Saha excited me a lot.I also started playing the all time classic FIFA 07 on my computer which killed my time in a flash.It was this way how I was introduced to the game.Honesty I wasn’t a great football player but I could at least pass and score occasionally.The thing that kept me captivated was the sheer pleasure that watching football gave me. I would never miss a game and would literally yell at my parents for not allowing me to watch one.I did not think much about writing then.

Years passed football slowly became a part of my life,I couldn’t wait to get on the concrete corridors of my building and play a game with my friends and celebrating every goal and victory as if we were gonna make something great out of it.This was one of the happiest phase of my life courtesy of football.My first thoughts were that being an  football fan in a cricket dominated country isn’t fun and people won’t play football here but as I continued following the game I realized there are actually a huge number of people playing and following football. We would discuss,fight over players ,get hurt and much more we enjoyed out leisure .


      As I grew up things got a bit too nasty Academics,Competition and all kind of bad stuff crept in.But amidst all that one thing that remained constant was the love for the game.Within my isolation I would take out time to watch games which would give me a huge deal of happiness .It was then I realized about the possibility of writing the blog.It was the only way I could let views known to people.To be absolutely true to myself this phase really sucked and it still creeps in time to time.

My blog started pretty well,got good viewerships and also started writing for a website which eventually got shut down.I also got rejected at a few places and that’s when I realized I was not yet ready for the commercial world I was I introduced to many new possibilities by a friend of mine another avid football writer,which was amazing.

I used to stay up all nights on a regular basis to watch games and enjoy every minute of it(well my mom didn’t enjoy it as much). Football made me  skip school a few times but I didn’t mind.Football has always cleared my mind out while I was in a tough spot or was being bogged down by the pressure and competition in life.It relaxed me in every way possible.When I’ll have no one to talk to or no one to meet up I’ll watch the games and celebrate jubilantly the victories and  goals.I’d also stick by my team on the losing occasion.

I started writing not because I wanted views or wanted to get something out of it.The thought came out of sheer passion for the game.Writing about it is a pleasure everything else is only a bonus.I would post every moment of a game on my Facebook feed which probably would have been so irritating to my friends by I couldn’t stop :’)

I  don’t  write for any monetary gains and I also know that some things cannot me measured in terms of money.Letting the people know about my opinions is one good feeling.Eventhough cricket has had an important role I my life,It has faded away slowly but football remains.I don’t really wish to compare the two.

In truth  I didn’t choose writing about football,It came to me and I grabbed it .I started one year back and was unfortunate to have taken a break too long I hope my content is  liked my readers again after the initial response I received .As I scroll up writing this I have realised I have been too long.So let’s end it here 🙂

I hope I bring good content in this blog again.

Share the way you started watching football !

Its good to be back!
I’ll post new content again soon!

PS was facing problem with the alingment, apologies!


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